Food Fun and Facts - WIC Federal and State Nutrition Program for Women and Children

W.I.C. Information
Women, Infants and Children's Food and Nutrition Federal Program

WIC is the Special Supplemental Nutrition for Pregnant Women and Children.   It is a federally funded nutrition program that provides nutrition education, healthful foods, and health referrals to women, infants, and children who qualify.  

I believe the new Income Guidelines have increased this year.  A family of two can make around $26,000 a year and qualify. A single pregnant woman is about $20,000 a year. This depends on the state you live in. If you are pregnant, the baby counts as an additional person.

The Income Guidelines have changed in 2011..Please check with your local area WIC and they will give you the new Income Levels. If you did not qualify last year, you may be able to get WIC this year!
This program is for Pregnant Women and for Infants and Children up to the age of 5 years old. !

If you are a family of 2 or more or you are single and expecting a child, you may  qualify for this wonderful service. WIC is a wonderful program.  There is no need to feel like you are asking for a handout with WIC.
Most people using WIC are employed, but Baby Formula is so very expensive, it is really hard for anyone to have the money to purchase the items. The income guidelines are not the same as Welfare.  If you are pregnant, either single or married,  you may qualify easily.  Believe me,  my earnings are a lot less than what it takes to qualify for WIC. FNS Hotline! How to Apply to WIC

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