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Parenting Tips

Helpful Tips for Parents of Babies, Children and Teens

Booster Seat Basics
Do you have a 4-8 year old?
A Must Read for Child Safety

Boy Chasing on the Playground!
Why do 6 year old girls chase their male classmates?

How to Bully Proof Your Child
Great Tips for Parents about Kids being Bullies

Keep your kids busy on wintery days
Are the Kids always Bored on Rainy and Wintery Days? Here is some help for you!

The Challenge Of Godly Parenting
Tips on Raising Children in a Christian Home

If Hoppi can make the best Easter egg, he will get to help the Easter Rabbit deliver the eggs on Easter morning.
A gatefold surprise reveals the Easter Rabbit.
The Easter Egg

Family Activities for Easter
How to Make a Mosaic Cross and other Interesting Project for Easter

Tips for Parents with Babies!
Helpful Aids for Parenting New Babies

Pre-School Children and Teachers
How a Preschool Teacher Influences Learning.

Your Child's Education
Education Helpers From Kindergarten Age to College Age

Child Safety Seats Get Safer
How to Choose the Newest and Safest Car Seats for Babies and Children

The Family Car-Helpful Tips
Do you have a Teen that is Ready to Drive?

Keep Kids Safe On-Line
Help Protect Your Children

When The Kids Won't Listen
Do you ever have a day when your children won't listen to you?

Have a Fussy Infant?
Here is a Little Help for the Parent or Babysitter!

Kids and Cell Phones
Need advice on Teen Cell Phone Usage? Help is Here!

Boredom Busters for Kids
Rainy Day Activities to help keep you sane!

Build Your Kids a Playground Without Spending a Fortune
Need a climbing gym that doesn't cost much?

Tips for Moms Cooking with Kids
How to Have Fun in the Kitchen with Your Kids

Finding the Me in Motherhood
Yes, you can still be yourself and be a Mother!

Body Changes in Pregnancy
You May be Surprised on the change to your body!

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Funny Illustration of Mom Cleaning

A Clean Room Improves Grades!
Keep a clean room in the house for children to study in.
Learn how studying in a clean room does make a big difference in grades!

Memorial Day Information
Information about Memorial Day-What does Memorial Day Mean?

Nineteenth Century American Women
Information, Recipes, Household Hitns, and Books about 19th Century American Women and Families

Nineteenth Century Advertising

Old Advertising information including Trade Cards and Links to Good Books about collecting old advertisment items

Nutrition for the whole Family-Calories, Vitamins, Minerals and Diet informaton

Parenting Tips
Tips for Parents of Kids of all ages

Pet Goodies for Dogs & Cats
Make Your Own Dog and Cat Food, plus Dog and Cat Care and Fun with Pets

Recipes from the 1800's
100 Year Old Recipes and Household Hints for you to try

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Sewing Tips

Helpful Sewing and Knitting Tips for the beginning sewer

Thanksgiving Recipes
Thanksgiving recipes, menu's and Thanksgiving Information and Entertaining

Wine and Beer Information
Beer And Wine Recipes & games plus tips on making and buying wine and beer

Kids Links
Safe Educational Fun Sites for Kids of all ages

Household Hints
Must Have Household Hints and Cleaning Tips for the Entire Family

Have Fun with Kids Making Crafts

Kids Crafts and Recipes
Easy Children's Crafts for Kids

The Top Twenty Parenting Tips

More What's on the Menu Today?

Culinary History
History of Food and Food History Time Line

Easter Information and Recipes

Easter Fun-Easter Recipes,Information and Entertaining on Easter for Kids and Adults

Easy Recipes

Economical and Easy Tried and True Recipes

Entertaining Tips and Recipes
More Tips on Entertaining at home

Fun with Food
Fun with Food ,Fun Facts and Food Games

Food Trivia
Great Fun with Food Trivia and Food Trivia Games

Halloween Fun
Recipes for Halloween and Halloween Fun Ideas

Herbal Remedies
Old Time Herbal Remedies for Home Use

Herbs and Spices
Information on how to use herbs and spices

Since 2005, the wildly popular Twilight saga has sold more than 42 million copies—20 million in 2008 alone—with translations into 37 different languages around the globe.

Millions of teen girls are fanatical about these books.
Vampire lit is hot. But why is that?

Kimberly Powers knows that at the core of every young woman’s heart is a longing to be truly, madly, deeply loved.

And that’s what’s so compelling about the Bella/Edward story—the fantasy of a hero who is eternally attracted, fiercely protective, and passionately committed.

Powers taps into this, using the vampire allusion to help girls explore what it is about the story that has captured their hearts.

Weaving vampire lore with biblical truths and real-life stories, she helps girls move beyond the fantasy to discovery of the true Lover of their soul.
Escaping the Vampire: Desperate for the Immortal Hero

Low Cost Family Entertainment
Family Fun on a Budget

Offers parents and teachers insight, advice, and hope for encouraging healthy development while protecting the joy and freedom of childhood.
The Hurried Child-25th Anniversary Edition

A Poem Take Time

Take time to work-it is the price of success.

Take time to think-it is the source of power.

Take time to play-it is the secret of youth.

Take time to read-it is the foundation of knowledge.

Take time to worship-it is the highway of reverence and
washes the dust of earth from our eyes.

Take time to help and enjoy friends-it is the source of happiness.

Take time to love- it is the one sacrament of life.

Take time to dream-it hitches the soul to the stars.

Take time to laugh-it is the singing that helps with life's loads.

Take time to plan-it is the secret of being able to have time for the first nine things!

From the "Yankee Kitchen", an old Boston radio show
Submitted by Gladys Hayes-Author Unknown

A mother and son share a special bond as active little boys love to write on walls, flush toys down the potty, and play video games.
"I Promise" is a touching and funny poem from a mother to her son on how she will do her best (though she won't always be perfect!) in raising him through various stages in his life.
I Promise: A Mother's Poem to Her Son