Food Fun and Facts- Sandwiches - Try These Simple Old Fashioned Sandwich Fillings

The ABC Club Sandwich Recipe


  • 2 slices honey wheat bread; toasted
  • 3-5 slices Hillshire Farm Oven-roasted turkey breast
  • 1-2 slices cheddar cheese
  • 1-2 slices turkey bacon; cooked
  • 1 tablespoon low fat mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon honey Dijon mustard
  • 4 1/4-inch slices of apple (Braeburn, gala or honeycrisp)
  • 1 leaf green leaf lettuce


  1. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise and honey Dijon mustard.
  2. Spread mayonnaise mixture on both slices of bread.
  3. On one slice of bread, layer lettuce, cheddar cheese, apple slices, turkey bacon and turkey.
  4. Top with remaining slice of bread.

Yield 1 sandwich

Hillshire Farm

The type of bread and quality of bread you use for sandwiches is important.

Be Sure to buy or make bread that is made with unbleached flour.
You would no more eat vegetables if they were washed in bleach, would you?

Try this Sandwich Taste Test:

Take 3 or more different types of breads and use the same sandwich filling on each type of bread.

Try Making a Sandwich using Store Brand White bread, with bleached flour,
the cheapest you can find-usually $1 to $1.50 a loaf.

Make a sandwich with whole grain wheat bread, unbleached flour.

Make a sandwich with Whole Grain Potato Bread, Unbleached

Make a sandwich with Canadian Brown Bread, unbleached flour.

You get the idea?

One thing I noticed
Peanut butter and jelly tasted best on white bread made with bleached flour.

See if you feel the same way.

Toasted bread makes a big difference on the taste of the sandwich, too!

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Recipe for Volstead Rarebit
Prohibition Era Sandwich!
From the Volstead Act 1919, which prohibited the sale of alcohol

Perfect Sandwich is an innovative wet-dry solution designed to solve the age old problem of the soggy sandwich.

By separating wet ingredients such as meats; lettuce; tomatoes etc. in a sealed, watertight compartment and away from the bread until mealtime, you get a Perfect Sandwich every time.

Contain This Perfect Sandwich Lunch Container

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(Family Features)
Supermoms (and dads) often find themselves struggling
when it comes to putting together great tasting, nutritious school lunches.

Time, money and the same old routine can put a good lunch in danger.

But with a few new ideas and the right ingredients, it's possible to save lunch - and save money.

Brown bagging lunch can save up to $2,000 dollars a year, according to a study by leading market research company NPD Group.

So it's worth it to rethink the lunch bag and pack up some delicious savings.

The makers of new Hillshire Farm Family Size Lunchmeat Tubs have some simple ideas and easy recipes for rescuing lunch - and the budget.

Try These Simple Old Fashioned Sandwich Fillings from the the 1900's

Lettuce, cream cheese and chopped olives

Dates, Peanut butter and cream cheese

Cottage Cheese and grated cheese , moistened with cream

Chopped nuts and chopped Olives

Apples and Cream Cheese, moistened with cream

Chopped Dates and Grated American Cheese

From International Health Resort Recipes, ca 1900's , long out of print.

Simple to prepare yet sublime to eat , sandwich recipes for every occasion.

This is the go-to book on sandwiches.

These recipes can be enjoyed at any mealtime, not just lunch, and include a wide array of snacks, appetizers and desserts.

In addition to the standard fare, there is a selection of wonderful, intriguing and creative new recipes.

With hundreds of choices, 400 Best Sandwich Recipes has the perfect sandwich for anyone's craving, and every recipe can easily be prepared by the home chef.
Very little equipment is needed, and the condiment recipes will enhance any sandwich, turning it into a gourmet meal.

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How do you keep a Dagwood from toppling over?

What makes a Poor Boy so crispy and crunchy?
And who was the genius that invented the Fluffer Nutter?

Discover these answers and more in The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches,
a chunky little cookbook dedicated to everything between sliced bread.

Author Susan Russo has searched the globe to catalog every sandwich imaginable, providing tried-and-true recipes, tips and tricks, and fascinating regional and historical trivia about the best snack of all time.

Quick how-to instructions will ensure that every Panini is toasted to buttery perfection, every Sloppy Joe is deliciously sloppy, and every Dagwood is stacked to perfection!

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is essential reading for sandwich connoisseurs everywhere.

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches:
Recipes, History, and Trivia for Everything Between Sliced Bread

Super Sandwiches to the Rescue

The ABC Club Sandwich Recipe

Let Kids Make their Own Sandwich

Pack lunchmeat, bread, lettuce and condiments in separate containers-kids love when they can build their own sandwich.

Say Goodbye to Soggy

Pack lettuce and tomatoes in a separate container so bread won't become soggy by lunchtime.

Think Outside the Bread

Cut a variety of deli meat flavors into small squares and pack with crackers. It's a healthy (and less expensive) take on that packaged grocery lunch.

The New Shape of Fun

Remove crusts from bread and use cookie cutters to cut out different shaped sandwich every day.

Choose Variety for the Whole Family

Try a variety of deli meat flavors to keep things interesting. An economical way to do that is with the Hillshire Farm Family Size Lunchmeat Tubs, which offer twice as much quality lunchmeat. That allows you to make eight sandwiches per package. The containers are double sealed for freshness to ensure the quality lunchmeat - made with no by-products or artificial flavors - makes only the tastiest sandwiches for your family! 

Save the kids from boring sandwiches - with a little creativity, a super lunch can come to the rescue.

Visit for more recipes and lunch ideas.

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