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My name is Sam, in-game it is SamSniped, formerly SamsnipedHC and Sam, also called "The Sniper Who Isn’t" (only by me, though) because of my G3 class.I play Call Of Duty 4 on a PC, and I am found on the Hardcore Team DeathMatch and  =RiP= Shotgun/Sniper servers in the 1.7 patched version.
My website here is for anyone from an FNG to a 5-Star General that wants tips, tricks, and good ideas.

At ease, soldier. Carry on!

This page and all others are being constantly updated! Please bookmark and visit daily!

Some of My Favorites in CoD4-
Gun: G3, M21
Map: Crash, Bog
Class: The Sniper Who Isn't
Method of Play: Camping in buildings
Dispatching Noobs: Headshot
Kill Line: "Mess with the best, die like the rest. You just got SamSniped!"

What’s New-
4/24/11: Complete format and font overhaul!!!

4/23/11, 1023 hrs EST: Added AK-47 page, new class on Classes page, links fixed, Black Ops page removed.
4/22/11, 1000 hrs EST: Camo background added, M16 page Added, New format for Weapons Directory made, Added Pics to Ambush (still needs fixing)
4/9/11, 0940 hrs EST:New page added-
1/16/2011, 2023 hrs EST: I am going to make multiple updates on the pages here, and then make a page for a game I recently got-Civilization 4.
11/24/2010,2045 hrs EST: I am FURIOUS with Call of Duty:Black Ops for the PC. If is wasn’t for the program I use as an antivirus/backup, I wouldn’t be typing this here. The game was choppy and nearly stalled my computer completely. It’s a good game, but there was FALSE ADVERTISING! The game needs a QuadCore, not a DuoCore. Oh well, until it is fixed I have to stick with CoD4
11/13/2010, 1929 hrs EST: I am going to be making a page for Call of Duty: Black Ops. I do not have it yet, but I do not have to wait long. All info on it is curently thanks to the Call of Duty Wikia!
10/10/2010, 2027 hrs EST- Fixed up a few things here and there.
8/29/2010, 2007 hrs EST- Added the map
Bog .
8/28/2010, 1044 hrs EST- Added a
Sniper Rifle , the map Overgrown , a camping spot to the map Ambush, and a Strategy.
8/26/2010, 1111 hrs EST- Added the Levels and Unlockables page
8/26/2010, 0822 hrs EST- Added the glossary, still a work in progress.
8/21/2010- After wiping out my hard drive and restoring all of my pages, I am back.
7/16/2010, 1707 hrs EST- Added the
Sniper Rifles page and the M21.
7/16/2010, 1625 hrs EST- Added the
Weapons Directory .
7/13/2010, 1944 hrs EST- Finished the Sniper’s Guide.
7/12/2010, 2102 hrs EST- Started remaking the Sniper’s Guide.
7/12/2010, 2023 hrs EST- Added a couple strategies.
7/5/2010, 2006 hrs EST- Added two classes.
7/5/2010, 1959 hrs EST- Added the
Strategies page.
7/4/2010, 1302 hrs EST-Fixed the map rating system.
7/4/2010, 1445 hrs EST-Added the map
7/3/2010, 2008 hrs EST-Added the map Backlot.
7/3/2010, 1928 hrs EST-Added a screenshot to Ambush.
7/3/2010, 1915 hrs EST-Minor repairs done on Ambush.
7/2/2010, 2104 hrs EST-Added the map
7/2/2010, 1914 hrs EST-Minor repairs made.
6/26/2010, 2012 hrs EST-Added
Map Directory , yet to add maps.
6/26/2010, 1942 hrs EST-Minor Survival Guide Changes, 1 tip added.
6/26/2010, 1920 hrs EST- Changed up some Classes.
6/13/2010, 1743 hrs EST- Repairs on Main Page completed.
5/29/2010, 1930 hrs EST- Added the Backup Gunner Class.
5/29/12010, 1909 hrs EST- Two new screenshots added.
5/29/2010, 0616 hrs EST- Added a secreenshot!
5/28/2010, 1905 hrs EST- Added and completed the
Sniper’s Guide!
5/28/2010, 1750 hrs EST- Added Screenshots page (incomplete).
5/23/2010, 1652 hrs EST- Added
Perks Page .
5/23/2010, 1555 hrs EST- Added
explosives page.
5/23/2010, 1503 hrs EST- Added a class and a "Top Ten Way to Stay Alive"
5/22/2010, 2146 hrs EST-
Classes page made and somewhat completed
5/22/2010, 1937 hrs EST- Half of the
Top Ten Survival Tips made.
5/22/2010, 1820 hrs EST-Website created.


Assault Rifles:

Sub-Machine Guns:

Light Machine Guns:
M249 SAW


Sniper Rifles:
Barret .50 Caliber

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