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Edible greeting card for dogs-All natural
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Crunchkins Edible Crunch Card, It's A Dog's Life

Pet Goodies for Dogs, Cats & Birds

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Treats for Birds Wild and Tame

Cat Goodies
Recipes for cat Treats and Kitty Health Information

Dog Goodies
Great Recipes for Dog Treats and Information About Dog Healthy and Fun!

Dog Humor
Fun Meaning of Dog Names

Animal Rescue Site
Visit this site about Animal Rescue

Paws New England!
Paws New England is a Wonderful Rescue Organization No Kill Shelters

We adopted Scooby and Buckley from Paws New England in 2008!
I highly recommend adopting a dog through this great pet rescue organization!

Buckley, our German Shepherd/Doberman Mix, is one of the smartest dogs ever !
Scooby, our Airedale/Berger Mix, is one of the most unique dogs ever!

Hearts United
A Wonderful No Kill Shelter to Find your Next Family Member!

Please visit HEARTS UNITED, a wonderful no-kill animal shelter
Do you love animals? Are you looking to adopt a pet?

We adopted two wonderful dogs in the past from this shelter and they turned out to be most loveable and smart, and lived to ripe old ages of 16!

Skunked? What to do if your dog gets zapped by a skunk

Did your dog get sprayed by a skunk?

Heres some help for you until you can take your dog to the groomers.

Be Sure to Wash the Dog Outdoors!
Wash your dog with tomato juice before you give him a bath.

Now, the bath with soap and water and rinse well with water that has about 3 tablespoons of
ammonia in it.

Be sure to rinse well with plain water

Washing your pet indoors or outdoors has never been easier.

Rinse Ace Indoor Outdoor Pet Sprayer makes bathing your pet quick and easy!
No more messy cups. No more wasted water. And no more flimsy hoses that blow off the faucet.

For use indoors attach to utility sink, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink with enclosed quick-connect adapter.
For use outdoors attach to your spigot or garden hose.

Professional-quality grooming nozzle penetrates your pet's coat for a deep, clean rinse--even underneath.
On/off sprayer function saves water and keeps your hands free.
Rinse Ace Indoor Outdoor Pet Sprayer

Another method?

Make a solution of equal amounts of vinegar and water.

Scrub the dog well with this mixture.

Be sure to rinse well, and then apply the vinegar and water again.

Rinse well! Be sure to wash your dog in a well ventilated area.
If you can wash him outdoors, this is the best way!

Did you know that baking soda will clean your dog or cat?

Rub the baking soda on and be sure to rub into the coat.

Let set a few minutes and brush off!

The doggy smells will be all gone, and you don't need to get all wet

Why Do roosters crow in the Morning?

The Rooster is announcing that this is his territory and for other roosters to stay away.
Why early in the morning?
Barnyard birds are most active during early morning hours!

Recipe for Pet Party Mix

Recipe for Dog Stew

Recipe for Cat and Dog Cakes

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Recipe for Doggie Stew
This is a Dog Stew Recipe you can Share with your Dog!

Meet Scooby!
Scooby is a 5 year old Airdale Terrier and Berger Picard Mix.
The above photo is of Scooby: Tiptoe thru the Tulips on a Warm Spring Day in 2011!

It's a Dog's Life: To Make It Better, University Veterinarian Says Add Exercise to Canine's Daily Routine

Humans aren't the only ones who can benefit from daily exercise. A Kansas State University veterinarian says dogs need it, too.

"Dogs should get exercise at least twice a day, generally around 15 to 20 minutes each session for small dogs and 30 to 40 minutes or more for large dogs," said Susan Nelson, clinical associate professor at the university's Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, a part of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

However, how long and the type of exercise depend on the type of dog, its age and its health, Nelson said. "It really depends on what the dog can do," she said.

"For short-legged or arthritic dogs, walking is good. Running is good for dogs that are bigger and are in good shape, but how much running to do depends on the dog and how in shape it is. Remember, you can't run a basset hound like you would a Great Dane."

Choosing the type of exercise for your dog depends on how fit it is and if it has any health conditions that limit its activity level. For example, running and jumping aren't good for a dog with arthritis.

Waking and hiking are good low-impact activities. Swimming can be good for many dogs, especially those who have joint mobility problems -- but make sure the dog knows how to swim first, Nelson said.

In general, Nelson said small dogs can walk up to a mile or two, while large dogs may be able to handle three or more miles of walking or running.

Just letting a dog out to play on its own in a fenced-in yard isn't good enough. The dog should be kept active while exercising, so playing a game of fetch with a ball or flying disc are good forms of exercise, Nelson said.

While getting your dog active is good, Nelson said it's also important to make sure your canine friend isn't overdoing it.

"Some signs to look for include an obvious limp, if they are tugging on their leash and don't want to go forward, or if they start to lag behind," she said. "As the weather gets warmer, watch out for overheating your dog. Signs include panting really hard; producing thick, ropey saliva; and getting a dark, red tongue. Taking water breaks along the way is a good idea."

If your dog gets weak, collapses or seems to struggle while exercising in warm weather, it's important to get them cooled off and to a veterinarian quickly, Nelson said.

Once temperatures climb into the 80s, Nelson said monitor your dog closely when exercising and consider switching your sessions to early morning and evening when temperatures are cooler. For some dogs even temperatures in the 70s can be hazardous to their health.

"Don't forget about humidity levels in the heat, too," she said. "High humidity can make it tough for dogs to breathe and they can't get proper cooling through panting. This is especially true for dogs with short, stubby noses like boxers and bulldogs."

Nelson said dogs with these types of noses can have a hard time moving air in and out, and the tissues in their throats can start to swell when they have to pant a lot.

"It is a vicious cycle that can lead to overheating because they just can't pant as effectively as dogs with longer noses," she said. "Very young and very old dogs also don't have a high tolerance for the heat."

Heat can be hard on a dog's feet, too, Nelson said. "As the weather gets warmer, pavement and asphalt can get hot and burn the pads on their feet," she said. "Gravel can be a painful surface, too, especially if they aren't used to running on it. Many dogs will develop severe injuries to their pads if they aren't conditioned to run on rough surfaces."

Another concern at this time of year are fleas and ticks, so make sure your dog is protected against them before heading outside.

If your dog did fine on its walk or run but woke up stiff or lame afterward, Nelson recommends having a veterinarian check it out to ensure it's not something exercise will continue to aggravate.

Scheduling a physical with a veterinarian is a good first step before starting an exercise routine for your dog, Nelson said, especially if the dog is overweight or has had a sedentary lifestyle.

"You want to make sure your dog is ready to exercise. You may have to start slow to build up their endurance," she said.
"But once you get started, it can be fun. For example, you can get creative and set up things for your dog to find along the way -- search activities. The important thing is to get them up and going."

From Newswise, MANHATTAN, Kan Released: 4/17/2012 10:00 AM EDT
Source: Kansas State University Susan Nelson, 785-532-5690,

Does Your Dog Have the Flu?
What are the symptoms of Dog Flu and How to Treat your Dog

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