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Food Fun and Facts Fun Pasta Pictures for Kids

Pasta Pictures for Kids
Pasta Fun for Kids

When using pasta shapes in your kitchen crafts, try this!

Take your dry pasta and put in a bowl with food coloring.

Stir and then spread to dry.

You may need several bowls, depending on how many colors you want!

Creativity for Kids-Awesome Origami

Transform traditional Origami designs into amazing works of art with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photographs.

Kit includes plenty of paper, jewels, feathers, wiggly eyes and other fun embellishments. Provides children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity.

For ages 6 yrs. and up.

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Everybody Loves Ramen: Recipes, Stories, Games, & Fun Facts About the Noodles You Love

As a college student, Eric Hites learned just how far he could stretch a dollar by combining a package of ramen noodles with some odd ingredients out of his nearly bare kitchen cupboards and a little imagination.

Living on a tight budget, Hites and his friends spent many nights of fun, laughter, and experimentation figuring out how they could concoct original, cheap yet tasty meals from the only food they could truly afford: ramen noodles.

It later occurred to Hites that he should collect and compile the recipes he and his friends had had so much fun inventing.

Everybody Loves Ramen is filled with 50 innovative recipes-from Stroganoff Ramen Style to Easy Cheezy Ramen to Elvis's Fav Gravy Ramen,as well as ramen factoids, funny stories, games, and puzzles all related to our favorite low cost snack food.

Everybody Loves Ramen will make the perfect gift for a high school graduate, college student, single friend living on a tight budget, or anyone who, like Hites, remembers the days when a package of ramen was haute cuisine.

Told in a humorous style, Everybody Loves Ramen will be both a cookbook and a book of fun.

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