Food Fun and Facts - More Information about Herbs and Spices

More Information about Herbs and Spices


Basil is a member of the mint family.
It has a taste slightly like licorice.

Use Basil with:
Eggs, Fish, Lamb,Peas, Squash and Tomatoes.
You can buy Basil fresh or dried.

Chervil is a member of the Parsley family.
A nice, mild herb.
Use with chicken, egg casseroles, green salads and peas.
Buy fresh or dried.

Dill is a member of the Parlsey Family.

Similar to Caraway, but milder flavor.
Good with cottage cheese, fish, tomatoes and Potatoes.
Buy fresh or dried.

Fennel is a member of the Parsley family.
The seeds have a licorice flavor.
Good with Breads, Fish, Sauces and Soups.
Buy Fresh or dried.


Marjoram is a member of the mint family.
Nicely Aromatic.
Use with beef, cheese, chicken, eggs, fish chowder, lamb, pork and for stuffings.
Buy Fresh or dried.

Oregano is a member of the mint family.
It has a strong odor and has a nice, bitter taste.
Use with Pizza, Tomatoes, Veal and Vegetable Salads.
Buy Fresh or dried.

Rosemary is a member of the evergreen shrub.
It has a slight piny taste.
Use with duck, fish, lamb, potatoes, stuffing, and veal.
Buy Fresh or Dried.

There are as many regional flavors and dishes in India as there are languages and dialects, and no one knows this better than Lachu Moorjani, owner of Ajanta Restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Widely recognized as the Bay Area's premier restaurant for Indian cuisine, Ajanta sets the standard with its ever-changing menu, offering creative dishes from the many regions of India. Ajanta represents one of the best places to experience a taste of India without leaving the country!
Use this book in Conjunction with the Indian Spice Box Set shown at right
Ajanta: Regional Feasts of India

More Herb and Spice Information
Information on Spices and Herbs not in this section

Another Page of Useful Information on Herbs and Spices
More Tips on how to use spices and herbs

Herbal Remedies
Old Fashioned Herbal Remedies that work!

Visit Food Fun and Facts Herb and Spice Store
Everything Herbs and Spices

In Homegrown Herbs, Tammi Hartung provides the definitive guide to planting, growing, harvesting, and using more than 100 herbs.

An internationally renowned herbalist, teacher, and certified organic grower, Hartung has filled this indispensable reference with a wide range of information gathered from her 30 years of studying and working hands-on with these amazing plants.

Homegrown Herbs is a step-by-step primer for gardeners of every level.
It includes in-depth profiles of 101 cultivars, including information on seed selection, planting, maintenance and care, harvesting, drying, and uses in the kitchen, home pharmacy, crafting, and body care.

Hartung supports these profiles with an array of herb garden designs, illustrations, and at-a-glance charts.

Sensational four-color photographs by Saxon Holt bring the information to life, and an introduction by renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar highlights the importance of the book to both individuals and the planet as a whole.

Packed with valuable information, Homegrown Herbs is much more than an encyclopedia of herbs -- Hartung shares her passionate and compelling vision for a world that is filled with greater abundance, pleasure, joy, and compassion.

With Hartung as a guide, readers will find that growing herbs is more than simply a practical act; it is also an inspired one that brings beauty, flavor, and healing to the everyday...and to the world at large.
Homegrown Herbs: A Complete Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying More than 100 Herbs

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Snip the herbs you need quickly, neatly and right where you want with our herb scissors.

The unusual blade features a set of five, sharp 3-in. stainless steel blades that allow you to cut, chop and mince herbs directly into a pan or over a plate for garnishing.

The large plastic handles have a soft silicone lining for a comfortable grip, and includes a blade cleaner/storage case..
RSVP Herb Scissors

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The first illustrated guide to cover the whole spectrum of herbs and spices for culinary use.

Herbs & Spices is an indispensable reference that shows how to prepare fresh and dried herbs, how to use herbs and spices in cooking, and details everything that other books on the subject leave out.

Containing a unique collection of recipes, from herb and spice mixes to rubs, pastes, salsas, and marinades, these authentic formulas will encourage cooks to think creatively and experiment on their own.

Grouped by aroma and taste, with step-by-step preparation techniques and beautiful full-color photography, this book describes 60 herbs and the benefits of using them fresh or dried, and focuses on 60 spices from around the world, with a look at the early spice trade and how cross-cultural fusion has impacted on contemporary cooking.
Herbs & Spices: The Cook's Reference

Keep herbs fresh in your kitchen and readily available with the Cuisipro Herb Keeper storage tool--perfectly sized for holding large grocery store or farm market sized bunches of herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano and dill. It's also great for storing vegetables like asparagus and celery to help keep them fresh and crisp.

Like fresh flowers, herbs need fresh water, refrigeration and a little space to remain fresh, colorful and crisp.

Herbs are stored in a remo
Removable tray with slots to hold herb stems, which are kept hydrated by water placed at the bottom of the container.

The container's lid also lifts off easily for adding more water.

The clear plastic container (BPA-free) measures 4-3/4 inches in diameter and 9-1/2 inches tall, and it conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors. Hand wash only.
Cuisipro Herb Keeper

Indian Cooking Spices

Almost all spices needed in Indian cooking packed in one box.

30 Indian spices, packed in proportion to use, freshly packaged.

Designed to be used with cookbook, Ajanta, Regional Feasts of India, available on Amazon.

Spices include black mustard seeds, cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds, coriander powder, cumin seeds, cumin powder, dried red
chile peppers, chile pepper powder,
dried fenugreek herb, fenugreek seeds, paprika, turmeric, ajwain, black cumin seeds,
fennel seeds, fennel powder, mango powder, tamarind, asafetida, dried pomegranate seeds,
pomegranate powder, black salt powder, cardamom seeds, cardamom powder,
chile pepper flakes, cloves, nigella seeds, white pepper powder, white poppy seeds.
Check out this very good Indian Spice Set!
Spice Box

What is simplest and best way to crush and grind herbs and spices?

Use a mortar and pestle is the easiest and best way to grind herbs and spices.

The ceramic is totally sealed so that it will not absorbs flavors or stain, and has a textured surface on the interior of the mortar and the base of the pestle for better crushing and grinding.

The mortar has a pouring lip and a contoured bowl and base for ease of handling.
Vitrified and non-porous, it will not crack, discolor or take on unwanted flavors.
This mortar and pestle is ideal for daily use!
BIA Cordon Bleu 8-Ounce Mortar and Pestle Set, White