Food Fun and Facts - Laundry and Stain Removal Tips for Clothing

Laundry Cleaning Tips and Stain Removal Hints

Cleaning Blankets

Put 2 heaping tablespoons of borax and 1 pint of soft soap into a large tub of cold water.

Make sure all is dissolved before putting in blankets.
Let the blankets set in the water for about 9 hours.

Next, rub and rinse..Do not wring out!

Hang to dry!

You can use this method with your machine or by hand.
Make sure you use delicate cycle on Washer.

This method is also good for washing your woolens and flannels.
Save a little money on your dry cleaning!

Cleaning Leather and Suede Gloves

Did you know that a piece of stale bread will remove fresh spots on leather and suede gloves?
Just rub the spots with the bread!

White Clothing Hanging out to Dry on the Line

Hanging Clothes Out on the Line

If you hang out clothes in the wintertime, wet your hands with vinegar and rub in before going outside.
Be sure your hands are dry before going outdoors.
This will prevent your hands from chapping.

Putting cornstarch on your hands and rubbing in will help prevent your skin from splitting in the cold, dry air.

How to Smooth Velvet Material and Clothing

Fill a sink with hot water.

Take the velvet cloth and hold it over the sink, with the lining of the cloth next to the water.

This will take a couple of minutes and the cloth should look as new..

(P.S. Note: This works on real velvet.)
I have not tried this method on crushed velvet or plush cloth.

Help with Removing Mildew from Laundry

To Prevent Clothing and Towels from Getting Mildew, make sure You do not put
wet or damp articles in the hamper or laundry basket.

The items next to the wet article will get mildew.
Dry wet clothing and linens before throwing in the hamper

A remedy for those who threw the wet towels in the hamper and Mildew arrived!

Rub article with with white vinegar and lemon juice (a real lemon or bottled lemon is ok)
Saturate the stain. Sprinkle salt on the area and scrub in.
(use lots of salt)
Place article in sun to dry. This may need a few treatments, but it works! (most of the time)

Eventually, the mildew will come out, but you must be patient!

I have used this treatment on cotton and other everyday material.

I do not know how it would work on silk or other fine material)
Use Common Sense

Cleaning Dirty Work Clothes

Do you have someone in your house who has very dirty work clothes?

Try adding 1/2 cup of Ammonia to the wash!
The clothes will come out extra clean!

How to Remove Lipstick Stains

Use Rubbing Alcohol to remove lipstick stains from cloth

How to Remove Blood Stains

Wash Item in warm water until stain disappears.

Use a few drops of ammonia in the water if the stain is resistant.
Do not use hot water, as that hot water will set the blood stain.

On heavy items,such as blankets and coats, use a paste of raw starch and warm water.

Spread on the stain and as soon as discolored, remove the paste.

How to Remove Oil Stains

Oil Stains can sometimes be removed by rubbing with a paste made out of sugar and water..
Let paste set on item for about 15 minutes and wash with laundry detergent.

How to Remove Chocolate and and Cocoa Stains

then pourboiling water on if necessary. Removing Stains from Cotton and Cotton/Polyester Blends

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Laundry Basket Full of Clean Laundry

How to Make Spot Remover Basic Ingredients in Spot Remover

Do you know what the basic ingredients are in commercial spot removers?

It is 2 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol!!

Save yourself a bundle here and make your own spot remover!

How to Remove Ring Around the Collar

Do you have shirts with ring around the collar?

Take a small paint brush and apply shampoo to it!
Brush on the stained collars about 10 minutes prior to going in the wash.

Another method is applying a paste of vinegar and baking soda and let set about 15 minutes.
Then follow with the regular wash.

How to Iron Corduroy

To help keep corduroy clothing neat and make ironing easier place a
newspaper over the item while ironing.

How to Remove Glue From Clothing

Use warm water and vinegar.

Safe method for colored goods.
Warm water will dissolve glue.
Apply vinegar to a white fabric if stain is old.

How to Remove Egg Stains from Clothing or Material

Soak and Wash item in cold water.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Clothing When in a Restaurant or at a Party

Besides cursing a little, grab the salt shaker and take it to the ladies (or men's room)

Sprinkle the salt on the wine stain and rub the salt in.

Next, rub with cold water and try to get the stain clean.

Go home now, because you have this wet blob on the front of you and you don't look particularly attractive!

Once you get home, you need to apply the salt and water immediately or the stain will set.

After this treatment, you can follow with the regular washing of the garment.

How to Remove Tar from Clothing

Scrape off as much tar as possible.
Wet the area thoroughly with salad oil. Let remain or 24 hours.

To Rinse: If the material is cotton or linen, wash the oil out in strong soap suds.

If woolen or silk, wash the oil out with spirits of wine.

This is a very old method from a household book dated 1868

How to Remove Ink from Clothing

Did ink from a ball point pen get on your clothes?

Try a sponge soaked with milk and rub on the ink.
It may take a couple of tries, but will work.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Clothing

Mix the yolk of an egg with a little warm water..rub on the coffee stain with a sponge.

For coffee stains that have been set in, add a few drops of alcohol to the egg and water.

A Nice, simple and safe way to remove Coffee Stains.

How to Remove Simple Stains with Peroxide

Sponging stains with peroxide will remove many simple stains.

Peroxide will not injure wool or silk and is not dangerous to use.
It may affect the color of the material, so test on fabric first.

How to Clean Patent Leather

To clean patent leather, first wipe with a wet sponge and then rub with a dry cloth.

Next, take a piece of flannel cloth and dip it in olive oil.
Rub the leather till it shines!

Never let regular shoe polish get on patent leather.
It will permanently ruin the patina.

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