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Food Fun and Facts Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen   Kids Kitchen Helpers for Kids
Girls and Boys need to learn how to cook!

It is part of human survival. Rainy days are always great for letting young children experiment in the kitchen.

( You do need to be able to control your patience, however)
Try to let him or her do it by themselves, before you offer  to help.  Of course, they will need your help with sharp knives,etc.


1. Always ask permission from an adult before you cook. If you are very young,  you will need an adult to be with you.
2. Don't ever light a gas oven by yourself.

3. Use a pot holder to hold on to pot handles on the stove.
The handles get very hot and you could get a bad burn.

4. Always keep the pot handles turned away from the edge
of the stove.  If they are facing the edge, they could get knocked over  and you could be burnt badly.

5. Always wash your hands before you begin a recipe. This will help prevent germs  from getting into the food and making you sick.

6. Never, ever, pour hot grease by yourself. This is when you ask for an adults help.  Spilled grease can cause a fire, and it can cause bad burns.


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More Kitchen Safety tips!

Help Keep the kitchen clean while you cook.
Follow the 8 steps while cooking and you will make Mom or Dad very happy!

1. Before you start to cook, get all the ingredients and cooking tools that you will need. Place everything in a nearby location in front of you. Make sure you read the entire recipe before you start.

2. After you have used a cooking tool, be sure to rinse off immediately and place in the kitchen sink.

3. Put away each ingredient as soon as you use it in your recipe. Be sure to put it back in the place you got it from. If you need help in reaching a high shelf, ask Mom or Dad, or big sister or brother. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE ALL DONE TO PUT AWAY!

4. When you are all done with the recipe, be sure that all the ingredients
are put away and that all pots, pans and utensils are soaking in the sink.

5. Wet a sponge or cloth and squeeze out the extra water. Wipe off the counter where you worked, so that the crumbs and food spills are all gone.

6. Check the floor area and be sure to wipe up any spills and sweep up the crumbs!

7. Be sure to wash the pots, pans, and utensils that you put in the sink. Usually, these large items will not go in the dishwasher and must be washed in the sink. Spoons, Forks and knives can go in the dishwasher if you have one.

8. You are all finished! Your Mom and Dad will be proud of you! The hard part of cooking is keeping the kitchen clean while you work. If you can do this, you can cook anything!

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Maximizing Snack Time

(Family Features) - With school, homework, sports, jobs and other after school activities, moms - and their families - seem to be going at full speed, all the time. Colleen Burns, mom blogger and former television anchor, knows how hectic family life can be.

"Once I started having kids, I realized that time management had become my biggest job," Colleen said. "So I began searching for the best products, the quickest recipes and time-saving strategies to help me and my family keep up with our schedules."

Here are some of Colleen's tips for maximizing afternoons to build strong family bonds and keep her kids going all day long.

  • The kitchen is the gathering point after school. I use that time to check in with my kids over a snack, ask about their day and make a plan for homework and other activities.

  • Whether you have two kids or five growing boys like Colleen, having easy and tasty snacks on hand can bring calm to your kitchen and give your kids the energy to finish their after school tasks. Colleen keeps her freezer stocked with Tyson Any'tizers Dippin' Twists snacks because they are ready to eat in minutes, hot from the oven or microwave. Made with the highest quality chicken and  paired with tangy dipping sauces like Kickin' Honey Mustard and Sweet Chipotle BBQ, these protein-rich snacks keep kids satisfied until dinnertime.

  • Bedtimes can be rushed with chores and obligations, so make afterschool or snack time the focus of learning and engaging with your kids. Reading daily with your kids after school during snacktime can help encourage language development, creativity and imagination.

  • As kids reach their teenage years, their schedules become even more jam-packed and are often spending time with their friends. Schedule one-on-one after-school excursions once a week to foster child-parent relationships. It's amazing how much they open up if you get them alone for more than a few minutes!

For more after school and family snack ideas, visit

Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods