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More Household Hints!

Have a squeaky door hinge?

Get a can of lubricating oil and some paper and cloth.
Hold the paper or cloth near the squeaky hinge.

Put a few drops of oil at the top of the hinge and let the oil run in and down by moving the hinge back and forth.

Wipe off the excess oil! No more squeaks.

Have Wooden Floors?

Tired of your rocking chair making marks on those shiny floors?

Glue some felt weather stripping underneath the rockers!
Should stop some of the creaking, too!

Do you have an old piano bench but no piano?

You can make a lovely coffee table with the bench.
Remove the seat cover and fill in the hinge marks with plastic wood.

Now, you can fill this with anything you like-a collection of paperweights, small dolls, whatever you wish.

Cover with a glass top, cut to fit the dimensions of the bench.

Have Grease Stains on your wallpaper?

Try mixing corn starch and water and make into a paste.

Rub on with a soft, clean cloth.
Test this in an inconspicuous area first.

Foggy Car Windshield

Don't you hate having a foggy windshield in your car?

Go to your stationery store and buy a chalkboard eraser.

Keep the eraser in your glove compartment of your car.

When the windows fog, rub with the eraser!
Works better than a cloth!

Grease Stain on Carpet?
Shake some cornstarch over the grease stain and let set there overnight or at least 8 hours. Vacuum.

Cleaning Woodwork

Did you know that cold tea will clean woodwork?
Give it a try!

Wallpaper Repair and Cleaning

If you need to make a patch or your wallpaper, never cut out a piece.

Always use a piece that you have torn by hand and be sure to tear toward the wrong side of the wallpaper.

This will make the patch nearly invisible.

Kitchen uses for Baking Soda

Did you burn your favorite pan?

Put 1/2 cup of baking soda in the pan and fill it 1/2 full with water.

Set the pan on the stove, and let boil, till the burnt particles float to the top!
( That's what I call a self cleaning pan! :)

Do you have coffee, tea or cigarette burns?

On your china and ceramic ware just rub the stained sections with a damp cloth that has been dipped in baking soda!

Have stuck food on your casserole dishes?

Fill with boiling water and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda or salt and let sit for an hour.

Have a sink drain that is clogged?

Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda over the drain, and then pour a cup of vinegar over it.

Let set for a minute till it foams, then run your hot water or pour boiling water down the drain!

You may need to repeat the process. Works in most simple clogs.

Have silver to Polish?

Polish it to a shine with a soft cloth and some dampened baking soda placed on the cloth.

Have counters or stove that have stuck on grease, splatters or dried food?

Sprinkle baking soda on the areas, and then rub with a wet sponge.
Rinse with clean sponge.

I find this also works for a counter top that has grape juice or other fruit stains, too!

Like before, you sometimes need to do two applications

Getting Rid of Kitchen Odors
Fill a jar with a couple of vanilla beans. Keep the lid off.
The vanilla odor will permeate the air!

Can't get rid of a lingering smell in the kitchen?

Try baking some orange peels in the oven at 350 degrees.
Bake for about 15 minutes.

Have a musty, smelly lunch box?

Even after washing?
Try putting a piece of white bread that has been soaked in white vinegar in the lunch box and close it up.

Leave it closed overnight.

Do your plastic containers have food odors?

You can try freezing the empty containers.

You can set the containers in the sun for several hours or you can put a piece of lemon in the container and put the top on.

This method might take a few days.

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Life Span of Household Appliances

The average life span for household appliances:

Central Air Conditioner 15 Years
Room Air Conditioner 12 years
Clothes Dryer 18 years
Washing Machine 13 years
Dishwasher 12 years
Refrigerator 20 years
Upright Freezer 20 years
Kitchen Stove 18 Years
Water Heater 13 years

More Tips to Help Make your Life Easier

When food is scorched in the pan

Set the pan in cold water immediately.

This will help remove the burnt taste from the food that is not burnt.

However, nothing can be done with the burnt food on the bottom of the pan.

Keep your cut flowers longer!

Want to keep your cut flowers for a longer period of time?
Especially those beautiful roses you will be getting on Valentines Day?

Take 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar and mix in a quart of water.

Use this water in your flower vase. It should extend the life of your flowers for a few days longer!

And, before you place the flowers in the vase, be sure to cut each stem at the bottom at an angle

Watering House Plants

Have House plants?

Have snow in your yard?
Get some snow place in a pail or pitcher.

Let the snow melt and use the melted snow to water your plants!

Did you know that snow has minerals in it that plants love?

Hammer and screwdrivers tool set.
Comes in it's own case.
Perfect first tool set- A good gift for a teenager to keep in his/her first car
Geared towards women but can be used by both male & female.
Tool Set -Ms. Fix-It! Hammer & Screwdrivers Set

Tools to have around the house:

Oil Can, Pliers, Drill, screw drivers (regular and Phillips head) and a hammer.

This is about all you will need for easy fix its, along with the usual nails, tacks and picture hangers.

Lefty Lucy, Righty Tighty

Ever have trouble remembering which way to turn a screw?

Remember this old saying"Lefty Lucy, Righty Tighty."
It sure works for me!

They taught this to my daughter when she had classes in woodshop when in Junior High.

Quick Cover Up from the Rain

For emergencies, keep a couple of new plastic garbage bags in your car!

Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for your head and cut openings in the sides for your arms.

In case of a sudden rain storm, just put the bag over your body!

Not fashionable, I agree, but it will protect your clothing and you from getting drenched!

You can also use a small garbage bag for around your head
(not over your face, of course)

Leaky Toilet Test

Here is a test to see if you have a leaking toilet:

Add food coloring to the toilet tank (not the toilet bowl)

Do not flush for 30 minutes.

If the water in the toilet bowl changes color, you have a leaking toilet.

Have scuff marks on your vinyl luggage?

Try rubbing lemon extract over the area

The Household Helpers Store

Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Home Article About Indoor Air Pollution and What to do

Oh, Epsom salt-who knew that such an uninspiring ingredient could inspire such devotion?

Epsom salts have amazing health benefits-here are many ways to use Epsom salts, including a relaxing bath, a face scrub and a hair volumizer.

It's also a miracle cure-all, helping to remove splinters and reduce swelling of sprains and bruises.

One ingredient really does fit all! I always knew that soaking in a tub full of hot water with a few cups of Epsom salts was good for relaxing muscles and drawing toxins from the body, but I could never figure out why.

And it wasn't until I spent some time at the Epsom Salt Industry Council web site that I learned that epsom salts-made of the mineral magnesium sulfate-are also a sedative for the nervous system.

When magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, is a natural emollient, exfoliator, and much more.
White Mountain Epsom Salt

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Never lose a receipt or other important household document again!

This organizer is the perfect tool for keeping track of your miscellaneous paperwork.

Roomy pockets inside are great for storing anything from appliance warranties and owner manuals to maintenance records and purchase receipts.

With additional room for jotting down details of home purchases, it's like having an entire filing cabinet that fits on your bookshelf.
The Handy Household Helper:
An Organizer for Receipts, Warranties, & Odds and Ends

Female Fix-It-Yourself Revolution
Solve Five Common Household Problems

(Family Features) - From pink screwdrivers and mini toolboxes to a surge of female-targeted home improvement sites and guidebooks, the fix-it-yourself revolution has come for women in the U.S. More empowered females are taking on household problems themselves instead of spending the money to hire a plumber, electrician or contractor.

WD-40 is a true Multi-Purpose Problem Solver!
WD-40 lubricates, cleans, protects, penetrates and displaces moisture.

Over 2,000 documented uses with more uses discovered everyday.
The NEW Smart Straw is built in so you will never lose the straw again!

It's easy to use, just flip it up for a precision stream and down for regular spray action.

From Farms and factories to Homes and garages, WD-40 is a product you can't live without! WD-40 is perfect for cleaning grease, grime and dirt

For removing adhesives, bugs, tar and more; For protecting tools and equipment from rust and corrosion;
For displacing moisture, restoring wet equipment such as engines and fuse boxes;
For penetrating stuck and rusted parts such as nuts and bolts.
WD-40 10152 Multi-Use Product Spray with Smart Straw, 12 oz.

In fact, a recent study by the Medelia Monitor showed that
more than 60 percent of women are more likely to tackle the work on their own. The majority of these women (63 percent) are being more resourceful to avoid the high costs of hiring a professional. And 71 percent of women say the desire to "fix-it-myself" stems from the empowering feeling of having the knowledge to improve their home.

Sound familiar? If you'd like to empower yourself and join the fix-it-yourself revolution, start by picking up a few affordable tools and products to tackle quick fixes. Here are easy tips for solving five common household problems:

  • Unstick sticky windows by opening them and rubbing wax or spraying silicone into the tracks on both sides. Move the window up and down several times to work the wax or silicone lubricant into the frame.

  • Fix squeaky wood or tile floors by sprinkling baby powder on the surface of the floor that's squeaking. Then place a chisel between the boards and gently hammer the top to pry up the tile or floorboard. Sprinkle more baby powder underneath the board to seal the excess space causing the squeaking.

  • If your drains are draining slowly or clogged completely, try a de-clogging gel that clears the toughest clogs at a fraction of the cost of a plumber house call. Liquid-Plumr's new Penetrex Gel is a fast-acting, powerful formula that can clear the toughest clogs in just seven minutes.

  • Mend unsightly holes or tears in your window screens by using a screwdriver to straighten the bends in the mesh and dabbing clear nail polish to seal the hole. Allow it to dry. Then repeat the polish application until the hole is completely sealed.

  • A wobbly table leg may seem hard, but it's a surprisingly easy repair. Just figure out how it's attached to the seat. Then either screw the leg back into its socket or glue it back into place.
Fix-it resources abound online and at your local bookstore. But here's a few to get you started: Most clogged drains are caused by hair. Get tips on how to keep all drains clear and while you're there, enter the Big Locks Rock! Contest before December 15th for a chance to win a trip for four to L.A. to get haircuts by a celebrity stylist. A site where women of all ages and skill levels can find answers to home improvement questions and connect with others for inspiration and advice.

  • "Dare to Repair" by Julie Sussman: This book offers a "do-it-herself" guide to fixing almost anything in the home.


How to Make Frosted Windows

Want to make your windows "frosted" for more privacy?

Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt to 1 cup beer.
Brush on the window! Let dry.

To remove the frost, wash off with ammonia!

This is really neat. Just remember to cover any wood or furniture nearby,
because this solution drips!

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