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Wood and Wicker Furniture Care

How to Remove Water Spots from Polished Wood

Water makes a filmy gray spot.

If not too deep, rubbing with the fingertip will remove the spot.

Otherwise, use a small piece of cheesecloth tightly wrung out of hot water with 2 or 3 drops of household ammonia

Rub lightly and quickly with the cloth; then instantly rub with a soft oiled cloth.

Finally go over the whole surface with oil.
Rub until all extra oil is used.

Keep coasters under glasses and guard wood floors from dripping umbrellas!

Other ways to repair Water Spots from Wood:

Try wiping with mayonnaise;
Make a paste of wood ash and salad oil;
Ashes from cigarettes and saliva, and rub;
hunk of raw potato with wood ash rubbed on it
Rub over the area.

Hope some of the above tips help!

How to Wash Varnished Wood

Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Oak and Pine

Remove all dust first.

Use cheesecloth for washing and wiping woods.

Prepare 1 quart boiling water, 3 tablespoons lemon oil and 1 tablespoon turpentine.

Dip cheesecloth in this solution and wring out well.

Wash a small space at a time.
Wipe immediately with dry cheesecloth.

Carvings may be cleaned with soft brush and this solution.

This wash polishes because it cleans.

Protect wall paper and cushions with folded paper so the oil does not splatter over them.

Finger Marks on Varnish
Use damp cheesecloth and dry cloth, as for paint.
Polish with a few drops lemon oil

How to Remove stuck paper off of wood furniture?

Do not try to scrape the paper off.
Dab some linseed or sweet oil on the paper.

Let the oil soak for a bit, and then remove the paper by rubbing it with your fingers.

Cleaning Wicker

To Preserve wicker, spray with water.

This will remove dust and keep reed from drying and cracking.

Cold water will not harm real wicker, varnish or paint.

Wicker furniture may be brightened with furniture wash and wiped dry.

Clean with soft brushes in deeper cracks and wipe dry.

You may put the furniture in the bathtub for spraying!

Make Your Own Piano Polish

Use equal proportions of turpentine, linseed oil and vinegar.

Mix well. Rub in well with a piece of flannel cloth.
Polish with a piece of Chamois cloth.

This treatment will remove the dingy appearance that age gives to fine woods! Try it!

How to Remove Alcohol Spots From Wood

Alcohol in spilled drinks, perfume, medicine, etc dissolves varnish.

Rub at once with fingers and then rub with a soft no lint cloth and lemon oil.

Furniture Scratches

Oil and furniture polish darken scratches.

If a scratch is deep, try to darken with wood stain or a cloth that bleeds a little of its dye.
Rub with lemon-oil or boiled linseed oil.

If it is very deep, try this:

Rub lightly with steel wool and oil.
Make a pad of folded soft no lint cloth.

Rub on paraffin oil and then a little shellac with very light pressure.
Keep cloth down close to scratch to keep air from clouding shellac.

When dry, polish by rubbing.
Note: Shellac clouds when air mixes with it.

Do not lift pad when rubbing!

You can also try removing scratches by rubbing the scratch with walnut meats!

If you have scratches on dark wood, you can try and hide the scratches by painting iodine on the scratches.

Finger Marks on Wood or Paint

Moisten a soft piece of cheese cloth with water
Rub off mark and wipe dry with second cloth.

Some of the tips on this page are from the out of print book "Housekeeping Workbook-How To Do It" "House Care And Cleaning" by Balderston Published by Lippencott 1935

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Beauty Routines for Furniture
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More Handy Cleaning Tips for the Home
Handy Household Cleaning Tips and Hints for You!

Use Feed-N-Wax to preserve wood finishes and keep the finish from drying out and cracking.

During the life of a tree, the wood is naturally kept in a moistened state.
Feed-N-Wax helps introduce natural oils to keep the wood from drying out, while leaving behind a protective coating of Brazilian carnauba wax and beeswax.

Feed-N-Wax may be used every month or so, or whenever the finish looks faded or dry.

It enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain of all woods, finished or unfinished, by using the power of real orange oil along with the finest waxes available.

Feed-N-Wax was developed to be the perfect follow-up to Restor-A-Finish when you want to maintain and preserve the beauty of your restored finish.

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

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