Food Fun and Facts- Cooking For a Large Crowd of 25 to 50 People

Cooking Food For a Crowd of 25, 30 or 50 People

Recipe for Caesar Salad Dressing
(serves 50 People)

More measurements Quantity Cooking
Cooking Food for 100 People!


Fruit Salad- 2 quarts for 24 people
Potato Salad- 3 Quarts for 24 people
Vegetable Salad- 5 quarts for 25 people
Salad Dressing- 1 pint for 32 servings
(you may want more, cause this is only for 1 Tablespoon of dressing)


Lettuce-4 heads for 24 people
Mashed Potatoes- 7 pounds of raw potatoes for 25 people
Baked Potatoes- 25 small potatoes for 25 people (approximately 10 pounds)

Miscellaneous Servings:

Butter- 1/2 pound butter for 32 people (1 pat each) (you may want to go with 1 pound of butter to be more generous)

Juice-two 46 ounce cans for 23 4 ounce servings
(I would go with four 46 ounce cans for larger serving)
Potato Chips-32 ounces for 25 people

French Bread-Two 18" inch Loaves for 24 servings

Salad Bowl Recipe for 20 People


2 pounds endives
2 heads lettuce
2 heads chicory
24 radishes, sliced
2 bunches watercress
6 green peppers, chopped
24 tomatoes, sliced
6 cucumbers, sliced and peeled
French Dressing

Line the large salad bowl with chicory and endive.
Next, alternate layers of tomatoes and cucumbers.

In separate bowl, mix the lettuce, radishes and green peppers with the French dressing.  Put in the center of the large salad bowl and garnish the top with watercress.  Chill.

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Susan Wyler's indispensable classic is back in print-now better than ever, with more than a dozen new menus, over 70 new recipes, and a wealth of updated strategies.

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Fun Illustration of Cooking for a Crowd

More Cooking for a Crowd
More Quantity Cooking Recipes


Coffee-Use 1 pound of coffee for 50 8 ounce servings.

Tea-Use 1 cup of Tea Leaves for 50 8 ounce servings.

Cream for Coffee-1 pint for 25 servings.

Milk to Drink-Use 1-1/2 gallons for 24 8 ounce servings.


Cake: A 15-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 1 inch sheet cake will feed 24 people. This is usually what is considered 1/2 a sheet cake.

Ice Cream-3 quarts of Ice Cream for 24 people.

Pie-Five 9" Pies will serve 30 People.

Whipped Cream- 1 pint for 25 people.
(however, this is for small dollops)

Canned Fruit-A Seven Pound Can for 24 people


Pot Roast- 12-1/2 pounds for 25 servings

Ground Beef-7 Pounds for 25 Servings

Baked Ham-10 pound Boneless Ham for 25 Servings.

Chicken- 6 Whole Chickens for 24 Servings

Turkey-A 15 pound Turkey will feed 25 people

Turkey Roll- 7 pounds of turkey roll for 25 people


Long Grain Rice-1-1/2 cups uncooked rice for 24 people.

Spaghetti or Noodles-2-1/2 pounds uncooked pasta for 25 people.


Carrot Strips-1 pound Carrots for 25 people

Celery-1 pound celery for 25 people

Olives-1 quart Olives for 25 people (3-4 Olives per person)

Pickles-1 quart pickles for 25 people

The fourth edition of "Large Quantity Recipes" extends to new areas of business, including inplant foodservice, nursing and retirement homes, church and school foodservice operations, and commercial restaurants.

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Large Quantity Recipes, Fourth Edition

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