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Do you enjoy learning about the 19th century and the lives of  ordinary women and families?

On this page, you will find great links to women's history sites,
Recommended Books about women's life in the 1800's and
other interesting items pertaining to the period.
Most of the items relate to 1800's America, but there are also books about Victorian London, Mexico, and other Countries.  Everything has been put on the site that is of value to the average reader.  There are books for those who are researchers, also.
Be sure to bookmark this page, as more and more information will be entered in the following month.  I have had to to the pages over, due to a site hack, so please be patient!

My specialty area is the American West
periods  from 1846-1880.   Most of the books mentioned, I have read or own, and can recommend them highly. I do tend to focus on the everyday life of the American Pioneer Family, such as chores, cooking, etc.  
How families dressed, ate, worked, relations, etc.
However, there are some books that are a bit deeper, and you will have no problem deciding which book is for you.

My main American History Interests are:

The Civil War
Indian Wars of the West
Military Life on Frontier Forts
Cowboy History and Trail Drives
Cooking in the 1800's at home and on the trail.
Family life on Arizona and Texas Ranches
Wagon Train Travel   1840's thru 1875
 History of  Western TV shows and Cinema