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Book Care and Book Repair
Keep Books Clean

Keep your books healthy! Remove dust frequently. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush or knife like nozzle  attachment and this will help reduce the handling of your books. To give your books a thorough cleaning, wipe each book  with a soft clean cloth and open the book to toss out the dust. Keep books dry . Silverfish love damp paper.

If your books smell a little musty, place the book in a plastic baggie with some baking soda.
Shake the book in the bag and leave the book in the bag overnight.
Remove book and wipe off soda.

3M 1.5" See-Through Book Repair Tape

Repairs, reinforces and protects books and other paper materials.

Transparent, conformable, permanent. Unwinds easily.

Use on books, magazines, pamphlets, record album jackets and more.

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Book Care and Book Repair

Prevent Books from Mold
Use Lavender Essential Oil!

Be Sure to Use the real essential oil, and not the cheap synthetics!

Have a damp room?

Want to keep your books from smelling mildew?
Try placing a small electric lamp on the bookcase and keep the light on at all times. (Low wattage will work)

Also, you can put a drop or two on a piece of material and place the material between the pages.

Be sure that the oil has dried first, or you will have an oil stain on a page or two.

You may also put a couple drops on the inside of the dust jacket .

Practice with an old book you don't care about till you get it right!

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Book Repair for Booksellers: A guide for booksellers offering practical advice on book repair

A handy guide for booksellers and book collectors offering practical advice on how to improve
the quality and look of your books and ephemera.

The Care of Fine Books

Jane Greenfield, advisor in rare book conservation at Yale University Library, is a leading authority on preservation and repair. After attending the New York School of Applied Design, she operated her own bindery for several years, enabling her to write from an unusual level of both education and experience.

Here she offers a concise yet thorough discussion of book construction, storage, handling, cleaning, and repair, as well as essential expert advice on how to properly store and handle books of value in order to protect them from fire, flood, theft, and common wear and tear.

With a new introduction by bestselling author Nicholas A. Basbanes, this is an indispensable volume for bibliophiles of every description.

20 Yard x 10" Roll - Brodart Just-a-Fold III Archival Book Jacket Covers

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The bottom loading sheets can be folded to fit books up to several inches smaller than the stated size and still have the protection of the paper backing covering the entire dust jacket.

Archival Quality is safe for use on ANY book.

There is no ink on the paper backing to possibly bleed through to your DJ. Easy to use instructions are included.