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Food Fun and Facts Old Advertisement Leonard Morton Shoes from 1918

Ad-Taken from Hearth and Home Magazine
  Augusta Maine  May 1918

In 1918, get a pair of Leonard-Morton Work Shoes-for only $3.65!
And, pay no money up front! 

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Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character

The postwar economic boom launched a generation of charming, cheeky, and relentlessly cheerful critters and characters that found their way into our homes--and our hearts--in print, on television, and on packaging.

Some took detours that reflected the times (Elsie the Cow was sent into outer space in 1958).

Some were fashion victims who survived (remember hippy Hush Puppies, circa 1969?).

And some are no longer with us (the Frito Bandito was finally brought to justice in 1971).
These endearingly offbeat characters are as fresh and entertaining today as they were creatively inspired in decades past.
Please click on the below image for more information about this great old adverising book!

1897 Sears Roebuck & Co Catalogue

Imagine it’s the end of the nineteenth century, and, with one catalog, you can buy everything from beds and tools to clothing and opium.

(Yes, opium.) Not to mention ear trumpets, horse buggies, and Bibles.

The 1897 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue is both a wonderfully fascinating collector’s item and a valuable piece of American history.

For every recognizable item included, there are plenty of others guaranteed to confuse or interest 21st century readers—like Bust Cream or Food and Sweet Spirits of Nitre.

What was once standard household fare is today a sometimes strange, often funny look at what life was once like for the average American family.

It’s amazing to see that a Princely Shirt for Princely Men cost $0.95 or three for $2.75 or that a Complete Violin Outfit (with bow and case) cost only $2.00.

Please click on the below image for more information for this great old advertising reproduction!

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